Having studied and taught at the University of Colombo, Computer Services Center, Dr Liyanage was offered employment at University of Reading Computer Computer Unit as the Network Manager. He subsequently worked in a number commercial IT Service Providers including consultancy services and outsourcing partners. Currently he works as the Head of Security Operations in one of the biggest water and waster water companies in Europe. Dr Liyanage has been a visiting guest lecturer for the MSc in Information Security course for the last nine years and frequently gets involved in course reviews, syllabus reviews and security workshops. Over the years he has taken a keen interest in risk and opportunity analysis and will provide a unique industry viewpoint of the use and abuse of Big Data in his keynote address.

The risks and opportunities of Big Data in the modern world

The collection, storage, analysis and use of vast amounts of data is now possible due to the low cost of cloud storage and the use of cloud analysis platforms. Such storage of data, and the subsequent analysis brings about many conflicting risks and opportunities – both for the individual whose data is collected and analyzed, and for the organizations responsible for such activities. Big Data presents us with many challenges, both in the analysis and use of massive data sets, and the subsequent interpretation of the results through AI based intelligent systems. Given the scale of information and potential impact, traditional risk management activities may need to be re-visited.