International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer) succeed the seminal International Information Technology Conference (IITC) in 2010 in order to get wider international participation and to promote computing research in the fast emeng regions of the world especially in Asia-Pacific. ICTer2010 took placed at Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 29th – 30th September and 1st October 2010. Conference consisted of selected full papers and extended abstracts, several Keynote Addresses by leading personalities in the IT world. The conference was followed by several high quality tutorials/workshops in areas of current interest in Information and Communication Technology. The proceedings of ICTer2010 was published in both book and online versions with an ISBN number with selected papers invited for publication in the ICTer Journal.

All papers were peer reviewed and accepted papers appeared in the Conference Proceedings and the presented full papers are indexed by IEEE XploreCrossRef.



28th September 2010 (Pre-conference Workshops)

0800 – 1200

  • WS1 – Ontology-Based Software Development by Prof. Heinrich C. Mayr:
    User Centered Requirements Engineering for Ontology-Based Software Development by Prof. Heinrich C. Mayr
  • WS2 – Research Writing by Prof. San Murugesan:
    Research Writing by Prof. San Murugesan

1300 – 1700

  • WS3 – Cloud Computing by Prof. San Murugesan:
    Cloud Computing – A New Transformational Paradigm in Computing: What It Is, and How You Can Benefit From IT by Prof. San Murugesan


  • ICTer Journal – Editorial Board Meeting: Combined Meeting of ICTer2010 Organizing Committee, ICTer Journal Editorial Board and ICTer Journal International Advisory Panel.

29th September 2010 (Conference Day 1)







            Ravindra Madanayake, University of Colombo School of Computing, SRI LANKA

1300 – 1410 Kings Court, Cinnamon Lakeside

1300 Keynote


D.S. Jayawardena, L.L. Ekanayake


T. Kathiravelu, D.N. Ranasinghe, A. Pears


C. Kabiri, Desheng Wang

1530 Short Paper

1540 Short Paper

1550 Short Paper

1600 Short Paper

30th September 2010 (Conference Day 2)

0830 – 1200 Kings Court, Cinnamon Lakeside

0830  Keynote


S.M. Arachchi, M. Siriwardena, R. Madanayake, K. Dias, SRI LANKA

0925 Short Paper

1030  Short Paper


P.D. Ariyadewa, W.V. Wathsala, V. Pradeepan, R.P.D.D.T. Perera, D.A.S. Atukorale, SRI LANKA

1125 Short Paper

1300 Keynote


H. Ekanayake, P. Backlund, T. Ziemke, R. Ramberg, K.P. Hewagamage, SWEDEN & SRI LANKA

1355 Short Paper


S. Sripirakas, A.R. Weerasinghe, D.L. Herath, SRI LANKA


Yu Mon Pann , Y. Mikami

1540 Short Paper

1st October 2010 (Conference Day 3)


0830 – 1200 Kings Court, Cinnamon Lakeside

0830 Keynote


H. Hansson, P. Mozelius, S. Gaiani, N. Meegammana, SWEDEN & SRI LANKA


A. Hol, A. Ginige, AUSTRALIA

1030 Keynote


M. Phatak,  V.N. Kamalesh


H.C. Randika, H.E. Martin, D.M.R.R. Sampath, D.S. Metihakwala, K. Sarveswaren, M. Wijekoon

1120 Short Paper

1130 Short Paper


M. Saeed, J. Bharali, A. Bhowal


Earls Court – Poster Presentation Area


Bottom-Up Approach NEMS Design Software
Chanaka Suranjith Rupasinghe, SRI LANKA
Automatic Syllabification of Acoustic Signals in Sinhala Words
Naomal G J Dias, SRI LANKA
Case Study of the Efficacy of some Common Multimedia Tools in Rendering Unicode Compatible Sinhala Fonts on Windows
Ravindra Senaka Madanayake, SRI LANKA


2010-10-02 (Post-conference Workshops)

2nd October, 0800 – 1200

  • WS8 – Surface Computing by Zone24x7:
    The Power of Touch: Surface Computing by Zone24x7
  • WS5 – Lanka Gate by ICTA Sri Lanka:
    Lanka Gate by ICTA Sri Lanka
  • WS4 – Design for Mobile User Experience by Dr. Henry BL Duh:
    Design for Mobile User Experience: Contextual Design Approach by Dr. Henry BL Duh

2nd October, 1300 – 1700

  • WS6 – Web Application by Prof. Athula Ginige:
    Web Application Modeling and Development by Prof. Athula Ginige
  • WS7 – PRINCE 2 by Mr. Anura de Alwis:
    Essence of PRINCE 2 and its applications by Mr. Anura de Alwis
  • WS9 – Open Source Security Products by Dr. Kasun De Zoysa:
    Open Source Security Products by Dr. Kasun De Zoysa