Workshop: How to use SciPro

Prof. Henrik Hansson, Jan Moberg, Colombo Ranil Peiris and Khalid Bencherifa

An IT-support system for Scientific Process: management of Ideas to finished theses

The SciPro system is developed at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden. The overall purpose is to support all stakeholders in the academic thesis production process: students, supervisors, administrators and employers (public/private sector). The scientific process is essentially the same regardless of academic level: bachelor, master or PhD. The SciPro system supports all levels from start to finish. The work shop target academic staff and business sector representatives. All aspects of SciPro will be demonstrated, tested and discussed in the work shop. The systems consist of 14 integrated modules from the “Idea bank” to the antiplagiarism check of the final thesis. One of the topics discussed in the work shop is the relevance and adaptations needed of SciPro for the Sri Lankan context. It is believed that the quality and efficiency of management of the theses can be improved by using SciPro. Furthermore SciPro has the potential to bridge the gap between the university and business by increasing relevance of thesis topics and by making the supervision process transparent and collaborative with academic and business supervisors working in teams.

Intended audience: University staff and business sector representatives involved/interested in thesis relevance, topics, management, quality, tutoring, outcomes

Expected number of participants: 40

-- Only limited by room size and computers (can bring their own laptops or use conference computers)

Format of Workshop: Full Day

Location: UCSC, Ground Floor Lab

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