Technology Assisted Tool for Learning Skills Development in Early Childhood

W.H. Rankothge, S.V. Sendanayake, R.G.P. Sudarshana, B.G.G.H.Balasooriya, D.R. Alahapperuma, Y. Mallawarachchi

Importance of proper early childhood education is a fact which is often overlooked and neglected. But it is a very important phase in a child’s life and it cannot be under-estimated. Experiences during this phase extensively influence physical and neurological developments, which drive biological, psychological and social responses throughout the entire human lifespan.

This research introduces a technology assisted tool for the learning skills development in early childhood. The final outcome will be a Tablet PC based application to help the toddlers in their learning experience at early ages. This tool will be able to improve the writing and speaking skills of the toddler in an entertainment based way. This will feature an easy way to teach the toddlers in a productive and efficient manner. The objective is to ensure the children in early days of their lives are trained and practiced by using standards and cutting edge methodologies, so that they will be ready to face the challenges in their future lives.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICTer.2012.6423031
Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 165 - 168

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