Poster Paper: A sustainable mechanism for gathering road traffic data using smart-phones

Samitha Udalagama, Lumini Sahabandu, Lasantha Samarkoon, Dinuni Fernando, Pankajan Chanthirasegaran, Sahan Udana, Dilini Asanga, Chandima Fernando, Chamath Keppetiyagama, Chaminda Ranasinghe

The idea of using sensors on modern smart-phones to collect road traffic information has garnered much attention in the recent past. Several such systems which had been implemented at an experimental level have proven to be capable of collecting highly accurate information in a cost effective manner. It is seen as a viable option especially for emerging regions as an alternative to expensive in-situ traffic sensors.

Real world implementation of such a system however, poses several intrinsic challenges; chief among which is the heavy dependence of the system on the contribution of everyday users. We propose a conceptual model and framework to quantitatively assess some of the business oriented targets and contributing parameters associated with achieving social and economic sustainability in such a system

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