Simulating Narrow Channel Effect on Surge Motion of a Ship in a Virtual Environment

Chethaka Uduwarage, Chamath Keppitiyagama, Rexy Rosa, Chathura Gunasekara, Nihal Kodikara, Damitha Sandaruwan

The resistance of a moving ship is quite sensitive to the effects of narrow and shallow channels. When enhancement of real-time computer based ship simulation in narrow channels, which can be used for ship navigational trainings, the resistance force should be considered. This resistance force effects in narrow channels are calculated by considering different channel widths and channel depths in a mathematical ship model. This prediction algorithm for narrow channel resistance on surge motions effect will be compatible with algorithms and physics models used in a real-time ship simulator which simulates six degree of freedom ship motions. Objective of this paper is to discuss and analyze observations and finding of narrow channel resistance on surge motion of a ship because of blockage factor in such a real time ship simulator.

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