TikiriPower – Using TikiriDB abstraction on Smart Home systems

Lakmal Weerawarne, Asanka Sayakkara, Dinuni Fernando, Chathura Suduwella, Kasun De Zoysa

In the domain of Wireless Sensor Networks, Smart Home applications are becoming the newest trend. Such deployments face challenges of underlying complexity in programming of traditional wireless sensor networks as well as lack of collaboration within hardware components. To address these issues, a platform that considers sensors and actuators in a wireless sensor network as a database framework is presented. Monitoring electrical and environmental parameters and controlling electrical appliances in a Smart Home via SQL queries is suggested. A prototype system consists of monitoring and controlling capabilities was implemented to evaluate the framework. Usage of our platform would make Smart Home applications more efficient, reliable and maintainable. In return, reduction of domestic energy consumption and cost in monetary terms would be beneficial.

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