ICT Based Education for Students with Special Educational Needs in Sri Lanka

Nadira Tharanga Perera, Manori Madubhashini Wijesooriya, Induni Shyamika Wijerathne, Anuja Dharmarathne, Ruwan Weerasinghe

Special needs student is a category of students who need individual attention of teachers to improve their education since they cannot accomplish learning process independently. Further, they take a considerable time to learn even a very simple concept. Game based learning is one of the techniques in the new generation of teaching methodologies. It can be used to enhance the learning effectiveness of special learners by adapting the different features of game based learning. To achieve that goal, some games were developed specially in local languages by addressing the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) aspects that are suitable for special needs students. It is expected to evaluate the learning effectiveness of special learners by analyzing the time taken by them to complete the games. This paper discusses the identified characteristics required to be in such a system, methodology adapted for implementation, evaluation procedure and identified future work.

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