Big Data solution for Sri Lankan development: A case study from Travel and Tourism

Sanjeeva Samaraweera #1and Rinusha Irudeen

Abstract--In this paper, the key aim is to provide conceptual, technical solution design to implement a supportive dashboard which integrated with Big Data indicators and online transaction processing (OLTP) systems. The proposed solution is mainly focusing on a case study of Travel and Tourism industry in Sri Lanka. We carried out in-depth analysis to identify the necessity of a dashboard and examine significant challenges need to consider when designing the solution. Moreover, we evaluate suitable big data technologies for implementation and Hadoop, Hbase, MapReduce has been proposed. Centralized repository for user Meta data, Contextual Search, Early Warning Alerts, Index Indicators, Analytic tool and Reports, Marketing campaign optimization, Link with social media features, Sales and marketing forecasting are main dashboard features that has been designed based on the requirements. Our results attest importance of Index indicators, one of the major functionality which is built-in to dashboard. In this work, we present a detailed analysis of a total efficiency index using four indexing strategies of varying complexity including Visit Index, Wealth Index, Health Index, LifeStyle Index. We conclude by designing an open architecture, that can track and leverage data on the behavior of tourist via a dashboard consider trends, to make better decisions, reduce risks and drive personal tourist experiences.

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