A Federated Approach on Heterogeneous NoSQL Data Stores

H. M. L. Dharmasiri, M. D. J. S. Goonetillake

Abstract—NoSQL has now become a topic of major interest. It addresses the problems of scalability and performance of the traditional RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) with high volumes of data. Today there are over hundred NoSQL implementations mainly focused around four data models with a lot of heterogeneity between them. Therefore integrating several NoSQL data stores to work together in situations such as changing the underlying data store becomes a hectic task and migrating the data from one system to another is also not feasible due to the high volumes of data involved. The objective of this research is to address the heterogeneity of NoSQL data stores through database federation which has been around since the early 80’s which has proven to be successful in integrating heterogeneous data storages. In this research we have successfully implemented a NoSQL federation with Cassandra, MongoDB and CouchDB proving that NoSQL federation is feasible with a certain degree of overhead.

Index Terms—NoSQL, Data store, Database Federation

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