Automatic Panorama Generation from a Video with Dynamic Background

Kumara W. G. C. W, Shih-Ming Chang, Timothy K. Shih

Abstract— Panorama photos are very useful when capturing large scenic backgrounds like famous constructions or eye catching landscapes. Users normally prefer capturing such backgrounds with them or friends as the foreground, but the moving people in such popular locations always obstruct the iconic structure in the background. In this paper a solution for automatic panorama generation is presented which is capable of removing moving objects in the background. First user captures a short video starting from the centre of the focus area and then following a clockwise circular path. Then, proposed application generates the panorama based on input video following the steps: segmentation of human object, removal of moving human objects, and generation of panorama. Experimental output panorama photos show that the proposed system is very usable and results are satisfactory.

Keywords— Automatic Panorama Creation, Image Inpainting

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