Impact of the Information Systems Service Quality on Performance of IT Sector Organizations in Sri Lanka

Weerakoon W.M.L.P, Wijayanayake W.M.J.I

Abstract — The Information Systems (IS) function now includes a significant service component and it is not just a computer – based solution. However, commonly used measures of service effectiveness have focused on the manufacturing industry and IT industry has not been much focused so far. In local context, neither IS service quality nor functionality is highly focused and critically evaluated. Many instruments have developed such as SERVQUAL which had been used to measure the IS service quality in the marketing field can offer as possible measures of IS service quality. Purpose of this research is to identify the relationship between IS service quality and perceived performance of Sri Lankan IT organizations. The factors affecting IS service quality and perceived performance were identified from literature and the hypothetical model was developed. Research was conducted quantitatively in selected 5 IT companies. The data was analysed using Partial Least Square technique. A strong relationship was revealed between IS service quality and perceived performance of the organizations and safe use, interaction, accuracy and functional coverage were the most impactful factors for IS service quality which drives the organizations’ performance with financial viability, motivation and capacity.

Keywords— Information Systems service Quality, IT industry, Organization’s performance

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