Location Based Advertising Framework for Mobile and Web Application Developers in Sri Lanka

E. A. T. D. Edirisinghe, G. Guruparan, R. A. S. M. Rupasinghe, N. J. A. H. S. Perera, P. S. Haddela, A. Kirupananda

Abstract— The development of multimedia and technology has introduced various methodologies for business advertising where the target audience for an advertisement can be converted into potential customers for the business. With the rapid growth of smartphone users and internet users in Sri Lanka, an opportunity is there to create a link between them and businesses making advertising more effective. This research is carried out to develop a framework where mobile and web application developers can develop their applications on top of the framework enabling location based advertisement streaming in their applications. Businesses can publish advertisements tagged to specific geo locations and the smartphone and internet users in the nearby area of the tagged locations can view the advertisements in their smartphone applications or in the websites they visit. The primary goal of this project is to encourage the mobile and web application developers in Sri Lanka by providing a framework to monetize their applications. The secondary goal of the project is helping smartphone users and internet users to find business promotions in nearby area and guide them to reach the business locations associated with the advertisements, by providing directions.

Keywords— Location Based Advertising, Location Based Services, LBS, Advertising, Advertising Framework, Mobile Advertising, Web Advertising, Application Monetization, Software Development, Sri Lanka

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