Ads-InSite: Location based Advertising Framework with Social Network Analyzer

A.A.G.A.K Perera, R.P.E. T Jayarathne, B.Y Thilantha, S.I.G Kalupahana, P.S. Haddela, A. Kirupananda, E.A.T.D. Edirisinghe

Abstract— Social media contains a vast amount of data that holds very valuable information and it is nowadays identified as a very effective source in marketing. The content of social media can be used to identify the business needs and preferences of people. This research is carried out with the aim of providing suitable advertisements for people based on their preferences by analysing their social media content. Users’ demographic details are also considered in providing suitable advertisements of the shops that are most conveniently located for a particular user. The primary goal of this research is to build an advertisement framework that supports targeted advertising by analysing social media content. The information extracted by analysing the content of social networks is used to predict the advertisement categories that interest a particular user. The framework applies location based services to filter advertisements based on the location of the shop.

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