An Efficient Transport Layer Protocol with Reduced Packet Losses and Minimized Re-transmission Time in Wireless Networks

Dhammika H De Silva, R S De Silva, S B Mahakumbura, I Murray

Abstract— This research will design and develop a protocol that supports less packet drops and consumes a low retransmission time is able to transmit data in a speedy and efficient manner within a wireless environment. This is vital in real time systems; specifically in way finding applications in order to evade hazardous situations for disable persons, and receive alternative paths in navigation systems in instances of impediment; gather critical information of patients,[1]. This research examines the existing Transport Layer Protocols (TLP’s); mainly TCP since it has a high rate of data packet loss and high retransmission time when operating in wireless networks. This paper proposes a modification that solves high packet loss rate by avoiding buffer overflows and high retransmission time by applying a spaced hop methodology. The simulations performed through the Network Simulator software operating on the Linux platform will graphically and statistically display the vast improvement achieved by the proposed algorithms.

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