Framing Services Based on Value Activities in Helthcare

G.Dantanarayana, C.Wickramage, P.Jayaweera

Abstract— The basis for a successful business solution is first gathering and analyzing requirements completely. In the process of identifying requirements, initially it is necessary to focus on corresponding aspects of the business in relation to the goals of different collaborating actors. It is evident that value modeling in different aspects leads to confirm the alignment between business and IT to model successful solutions. In this context, it is important to understand value activities that could facilitate identification of services in different view-points among multiparty collaborating environment. In this study, we propose a clear and precise guidance to define a service oriented notion of business value activities in networked healthcare industry. The work resulted in intuitive classification of value activities. By applying proposed approach in a case study of healthcare domain, it has been illustrated how activities can be used in realizing services relate to the domain when developing service solution. Further a metamodel approach was formulated to assist in framing the services.

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