Versatile Inter System Information Exchange Facilitator [VISIEF]

Muditha Rangani Tissera

Abstract— No longer application systems operate as standalone applications. They are interconnected with various other businesses applications. This helps data interoperability among systems. Connectivity and data transmission may function in real time or batch/Offline basis. Offline data transmission is very common in today’s business applications. In addition to day-to-day business operations, this is widely used in data migrations, data warehouse data populations and many more. Offline data transmission is performed using flat files (,csv, .txt etc.) and these are in different formats for different business functions. Hence, transformation process (processing the data files) can be very different from one business function to another. This influences the organizations to write hundreds of transformation scripts/program codes for hundreds of file formats. Further, this brings enormous difficulties when modifying the file format with respect to the time and the development effort. Inter System Data Transmission Facilitator is a novel software tool which assists business organizations by eliminating or minimizing the script writing in data exchange using flat files. Further, this provides a range of value adding features which improves the staff efficiency.

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