IITC 1998

1st International Information Technology Conference
Exploiting IT for National Development
5th - 8th October 1998
Colombo, Sri Lanka

1st International Information Technology Conference was organsied by Infotel Lanka Society. Main conference was held on 7-8 October after 3 workshops and 2 tutorial sessions held on 5th and 6th.

All papers were peer reviewed and abstracts of accepted papers appeared in the Conference Proceedings and the presented full papers are indexed by Google Scholar.

International IT Conference (1998)
Organizating Committee C/o Council for Information Technology (CINTEC)
No. 9, Clifford Avenue,
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka


Monday 5th October (Pre 1)

T1 - Tutorial on Object Oriented Analysis and Design (5th & 6th)

W1 - Workshop on Electronic Commerce

W3 - Workshop on Network Technologies

Tuesday 6th October (Pre 2)

W2 - Workshop on Creating a Secure Legal Environment for Electronic Commerce

T2 - Tutorial on Web Publishing


Main conference 7th and 8th October 

Wednesday 7th October (Day 1)

Inaugural Session: 09.00 – 11.00

0800  Registration
0900  National Anthem & Lighting of Traditional Oil Lamp
0905  Address by Chairman CINTEC
0915  Address by Hon Minister of Science & Technology
0925  Issue of Commemorative Postage Stamp
0935  Keynote Address: Internet and its Development by Prof Jun Murai, Keio University, Japan
1035  Address by the Chief Guest
1055  Vote of Thanks
Session II: 11.30 – 13.10
1130  Keynote Address: ICT Enabled Development Collaboration at National Level - the Bellanet Experience
  Dr Riff Fullan, Bellanet, CANADA
1200  Social and Cultural Impact of Internet on Sri Lankan Society
  Mr Chanuka Wattegama, SRI LANKA
1220  Web Based Agricultural Information System
  Mr O N N Fernando, Dr G N Wikramanayake, SRI LANKA
1240  Keynote Address: Exploiting IT for National Development - Opportunities & Threats
  Dr David Lindley, Charles Sturt University, AUSTRALIA

Session III: 14.00 – 15.40

1400  Keynote Address: Indian Software Industry and National Development
  Mr Dewang Mehta, National Association for Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), India
1430  Generalization: an Activity to Develop Re-usable Software Components
  Dr Ms M C Wijegunasekara, SRI LANKA
1450  TRADEX, an Intelligent Decision Support System for Trade Marketing Executives
  Mr B M S G Buthgamuwa, Mr G K A Dias, Mr A P S R Somasiri, SRI LANKA
1510  Keynote Address: IT for Development : Legal Implications
  Mr Pravin Anand, Anand and Anand Associates, India

Session IV: 16.00 – 17.10

1600 Keynote Address:
  Mr Huang Shyue Hong, Arthur Anderson Consultants, Singapore
1630 Object Oriented Semantic Modeling for Development of Hypermedia Based Information Systems
  Dr Dentcho N Batanov
1650  Customisable Visual Query Interfaces for Database Access
  Dr A P Madurapperuma, SRI LANKA
Thursday 8th October (Day 2)

Session I: 09.00 – 10.30

0900 -  Keynote Address: IT for National Development : the Need for an Adequate Legal Infrastructure - Mr David Marsh, Chair LWG, UN/CEFACT
0930 -  Neural-ware System for Weather Forecasting and Stock Market Prediction - Dr Arosha Senanayake
0950 -  Integrated Sri Lankan University Information System - Mr B.P. Manage, Dr G.N. Wikramanayake, SRI LANKA
1010 - Security, Privacy and Legal Aspects of Internet by Damian Murphy


Session II: 11.00 – 12.30

1100 - Keynote Address: Electronic Commerce Security - Prof Sead Muftic, University of Stockholm and Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
1130 - Becoming a Competitive Force in the Information Age - Mr Anura K T De Silva
1150 -  Provision of Electronic Information Resources to the HE Sector in the UK - Ms Jill Tardivel, Prof John Slater
1210 - Keynote Address: Electronic Commerce - Mr Colin Spinks, GEIS Asia Pacific


Session III: 14.00 – 15.30

1330 -   Keynote Address: Delivering Value through IT - Mr Neil Fairhead, Microsoft, USA
1400 -   Recent Trends in Operating and Managing HE & R Networks in the UK - Prof John Slater, Prof Peter Linington, Prof A S Induruwa
1420 -   Platform Independent Remote Virtual Instruments over the Internet - Mr C T Obadage, Dr D N Ranasinghe, SRI LANKA
1440 -   Use of Vertical Blanking Interval of Television Broadcast for Information Delivery - Mr A G Punchihewa, SRI LANKA
1500 -   Keynote Address: Information Driven Applications - Mr Ashim Bose, ORACLE Consulting, INDIA 


Session IV: 16.00 – 17.00

1600 - Special Session on Y2k Problem




Virtual Environment for Assessing Assembly and Maintainability tasks,

Mr. Terrance Fernando, Mr. Prasad Wimalaratne and Mr. Kevin Tan


Security, Privacy and Legal Aspects of Internet

Mr. Damian Murphy




Implementing a Low Cost Data Warehouse..........Fast

Mr. Thushara Ranasinghe, Mr. Malinda Vitharana


An English to Tamil Translator's Workbench

Mr. R. Mohanraj, Dr. A. R. Weerasinghe


Internet Based Information System for ODI Cricket

Mr. P. N. P. Fernando, Dr. G. N. Wikramanayake


An Off-line Agent for Searching the Internet

Mr. D. L. S. N. Vilathgamuwa, Dr. A. R. Weerasinghe, Mr. C. I. Keppetiyagama


Parallel Implementation of Heuristic Optimisation Techniques

Mr. K. Moonesinghe, Dr. D. N. Ranasinghe


Use of VRML and other Web Tools for Interactive Courseware Production

Dr. N. D. Kodikara


Design and Implementation of a Network Management Software

Mr. D. Athukorala, Dr. D. N. Ranasinghe


Integration of Technical Education Systems in Sri Lanka

Dr. G. N. Wikramanayake, Mr. A. D. A. Mahinda