Poster Paper: Internet Based IS for ODI Cricket

P.N.P. Fernando, G.N. Wikramanayake


Cricket is a very popular sport in Sri Lanka as well as in other cricket playing countries. Information about a cricket match is provided using a scorecard. The analysis of such scorecards generate information important for players, team management, selection boards and other interested parties since they will lead to better judgement about players, their strengths and weaknesses, and performance as a team. This information is in the form of statistical data that changes with every cricket match.

The World Wide Web is the most commonly used and possibly the largest information system available at present. An Internet based information system using a database as its back-end can effectively manage the cricket data and dynamically present up-to-date statistical information to all its users. The design and development of such an information system for One-Day International (ODI) cricket is described in this paper.

Input of the system is mainly in the form of cricket scorecards. Information processing involve data management, retrieval, producing static or dynamic web pages and answering user requests. Most of the processing is carried out using the database query language. Presentation of statistical information for series, country, match, team statistics, batting records, bowling records, fielding, wicket keeping, player profile and all round performance to the users, and the capability to answer frequently asked questions about cricket are the output of the system.

Citation Info :

Online only - 1st International Information Technology Conference, Infotel Lanka Society Colombo, Sri Lanka, Oct 7-8, 1998.