Poster Paper: Integration of Technical Education Systems in Sri Lanka

G.N. Wikramanayake, A.D.A. Mahinda


Isolated management of information is a common practise in most organisations. This occurs due to the use of separate systems for each functional areas of an organisation. Such systems are not inter-operable, as the data used and produced by one system does not fulfil the needs of the other. Hence the design and development of an integrated management information system is necessary to benefit from such systems.

The Information Unit of the Department of Technical Education and Training maintains computerised databases related to their Courses and Colleges. Due to the weaknesses and lack of complete information they were used only for selective managerial work and for limited planning and decision making purposes. To overcome these problems, a systematic technique was considered to translate existing information systems into an integrated well-design data model, followed by a data migration. This paper describe the integration process used by us to successfully use the technical education and training data at three different levels, namely: College, Zone and National.

The important achievement of this work includes the re-engineering of the National databases of the Technical Education and subsequent migration of its data to the new application environment without any loss of information. A College level database was designed for use at each college as a sub system of the National level database. The enforcement of data uniformity at College level is possible due to the introduction of this sub system. This makes it possible to use the College level data at the National level for decision making on planning, controlling and operation.

Citation Info :

Online only - 1st International Information Technology Conference, Infotel Lanka Society Colombo, Sri Lanka, Oct 7-8, 1998.