IITC 2002

4th International Information Technology Conference
Envisioning an eNation
7-9 October 2002
Hilton Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

In 1992 the Government of Sri Lanka embarked on a program of rapid export-oriented industrialization to accelerate economic growth and realizing the critical importance of Information Technology and Telecommunication sponsored for the first time, an International Conference & Exhibition in Colombo. Following on the tremendous success of these, similar events were successfully organized in 1994, 1997, 1998 and 2000. In 2002, the following activities are planned for the second week of October, aptly designated The International Information & Communication Technology Week 2002, by Infotel Lanka Society.

Envisioning an eNation, International Information Technology Conference 2002 - INFOTEL, a major national IT parley was inaugurated at the Hilton Hotel, Colombo. The event is expected to boost Sri Lanka’s image as an emerging IT hub in South Asia. Economic Reforms, Science and Technology Minister, Milinda Moragoda and Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Ravi Karunanayake were present.

All papers were peer reviewed and abstracts of accepted papers appeared in the Conference Proceedings.

Day 1 (07/10/2002)

08.00-09.00 - Registration

09.00-10.00 - Inauguration

10.00-10.30 - Tea

10.30-11.00 - Keynote: Technology in education : Is it worth the expense? - Prof Alan Greenberg

11.00-11.30 - Keynote: Consumer Protection for Online Commerce - Dr KN Toh See Kiate

11.30-12.00 - Keynote: The Internet Society and the Evolution of the Internet - Prof George Sadowsky

12.00-13.00 - LUNCH

13.00-13.20 - Review on Sri Lanka Infrastructure on Network Security - Champake Mendis

13.20-13.40 - E-governance - Sunil Chandiramani, Dr. Narendra, M Agrawal

13.40-14.00 - Networking for the Growth of Human Capital for IT Industry: Experiences and Insights from India"

14.00-14.30 - Keynote: Japan strategic plan for the highest quality-IT in the world. - Prof Hiro HommaVictor Milllqvist

14.30-15.00 - A Government Information Policy as the basis for an effective ICT Policy

15.00-15.30 - Tea

Day 2 (08/10/2002)

09.00-09.30 - Keynote: IT Professional and Information Systems Technical Education, Mr John Chapman - BCS

09.30-10.00 - Keynote: Japanese Experiences on the IT development, Dr.Kazuhito Ohmaki - CICC

10.00-10.30 - Tea

10.30-11.00 - Keynote: Dr. Avtar Saini - Intel

11.00-11.30 - eCommerce & Enterprise Solutions, William Lim - Dell

11.30-12.00 - Keynote: Re-engineering the enterprise to succeed in the e economy, Prof Athula Ginige

12.00-13.00 - Lunch

13.00-13.40 - Keynote: Northern eDimension, Prof Sven Tafvelin

13.40-14.10 - Generating Business Process specifications for e-Commerce Systems - P.M. Jayaweera, Paul Johannesson, G.N. Wikramanayake

14.10-14.30 - An Implementation of a Secure Payment Framework - M S D Ranasinghe, R Dayaratne, D N Ranasinghe

14.30-14.50 - E-Transformation Strategy for the Sri Lankan Garment Industry - Shiromi Arunatileka, Prof. Athula Ginige

14.50-15.20 - Tea

15.20-15.40 - Using intelligent techniques for widening scope of real world problem solving - D.S. Kalana Mendis, S. Karunananda, U. Samarathunga

15.40-16.00 - Demonstration Of A Telemedicine Application Which Helps People To Diagnose A Medicalproblem And Then Take Appropriate Health Care. - Dr Ananda Perera

16.00-16.20 - Enhancing learning in a constraint-based tutor - Amali Weerasinghe, Antonija Mitrovic, P. Suraweera

16.20-16.40 - Dynamic Crossword Puzzel Generator - DCrossGen - Danuka Naotunna, Prashan Wewelwela

16.40-17.00 - An Intelligent Synthetic Ecosystem - Chaminda Ranasinghe

Day 3 (09/10/2002)

09.00-09.20 - BlueWhale : A Bluetooth Concept Application - Zafar Nisthar

09.20-09.40 - Web traffic Analysis for content prioritization - P. Thushara Peiris, M .S. D Fernando, Gihan V. Dias

09.40-10.00 - Implementing A Mobile Presence Service - S. Amaragunasekera, R. Batuwita - IFS, D. Botejue - Global, Business Systems, Kutila Gunasekera - hSenid Software, International

10.00-10.30 - Tea

10.30-11.00 - Flexible Learning with Net Based Support - Prof John, Throbiomson

11.00-11.30 - Keynote: STEnet Vietnam - A dedicated Network Environment for the Research Community - Prof Love Ekenberg

11.30-11.50 - Software Construction - Practical Approach - Thayaparan Praisoody

11.50-12.10 - Team Discovery Pursuit : Creating Engaging Software Teams Faster - Madu Ratnayake, Chrishan De Mel

12.10-13.10 - Lunch

13.10-13.40 - Implementation Issues for High Performance CFD's - Markus Nordén, Malik Silva, Sverker Holmgren, Michael Thune, Richard Waite.

13.40-14.00 - A Sinhala Finger Spelling Interpretation System Using Nearest Neighbor - Dr. N.D. Kodikara, Mr. D. M. Wahugala

14.00-14.20 - An easy way of creating digital data - K.P. Udagepola, Dr. N. Kodikara

14.20-14.40 - Experiments with a Cache Friendly 3d Iterative Method - Malik Silva , Richard Wai

14.40-15.10 - Tea

15.10-15.30 - Virtual Internet Personal Computer - Tilan Ukwatte, Dr D. Karunaratne

15.30-15.50 - A Segmentation-Free Approach to Recognise Printed Sinhala Script - H. L. Premaratne, J.Bigun

15.50-16.10 - A Statistical Approach to Sinhala Handwriting Recognition - S. Hewavitharana, N.D. Kodikara

16.10 -1630 - An Approach to Translate Sinhala Text to Braille - S. B. Welagedaran ,D N Ranasinghe


WS01 - Understanding and Implementing Web Services with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

WS02 - Distributed Programming - The DCOM Approach

WS03 - Planning and Implementation of Switched IP Networks and Services

WS04 - Modern Wireless Technologies and Applications

WS05 - Web Engineering: Holistic Approach to Developing Web Based Systems, Methodologies and Technologies to eTransform your enterprise

WS06 - Next Generation IP Networking

WS07 - Leadership Training for Software Professionals

WS08 - Developing Software for PDAs

WS09 - Firewalls and Security

WS10 - Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI): Electronic Journals and Electronic Resources Library Management

WS11 - A Modern and Global framework for electronic collaborations and commerce



VidyaJothi Prof.V.K.Samaranayaka- Chairman
Mr.David Dominic 
Dr.B. Ranasinghe  
Dr.Ajit Madurapperuma  
Mr.Ajit Ekanayake 
Prof.Luxman R Watawala


Dr. Ajit Madurapperuma 
Dr. Carmel Wijegunawardena 
Mr. Priyantha Jayawardena  
Mr Chandana Weerasinghe


Mrs. G. Gamage 
Mr. C. Attanayake


Mr. M.J.P.U. Samanthilake
Mr. Jayantha Fernando


Mr.Chandandrani Wickremasinghe
Mr.Prasantha Fernando


Prof. Benkt Wangle
Prof. Mahendran Velauthapillai
Dr. Paul Johannesson
Prof. Richard Wait
Dr.Damitha Karunaratna
Mr Sanjiva Weerawarana
Mr Shahani Weerawarana
Dr Nalin Ranasinghe
Dr Ruwan Weerasinghe
Prof. Athula Ginige
Dr Carmel Wijegunasekera
Dr Bandu Ranasinghe
Dr N D Kodikara
Dr Gihan Dias
Mr.Chandana Weerasinghe


Mr. Prasantha Fernando