DCrossGen - Dynamic Crossword Puzzle Generator

Danuka Naotunna, Sivajini Sivasubramanium, Prashan Wewelwela


The DCrossGen (Dynamic Crossword Puzzle Generator) is a research level implementation of automating the puzzle generation mechanism. It is a software assistant, which would help puzzle creators construct crossword puzzles in an efficient manner. It differs from other puzzle generating mechanisms by providing an intelligent agent, which automates the puzzle creation process by finding appropriate words to fit in the cells, numbering the cells and adjusting the words accordingly, thus reducing the time expended.

This can be used as a tool to teach languages and can be plugged in to an e-Learning system to enhance the leverage of the existing system. This paper introduces the concepts behind the DCrossGen, describes its architectural and design methodologies and algorithms used to automate the puzzle generation process. Finally, it addresses the performance and scalability issues.