Review on Sri Lanka Infrastructure for Network Security

Champake Mendis


A greater relationship exists between the Infrastructure development and economic growth in Sri Lanka. The focus will be on investment in major areas of infrastructure, the size of the infrastructure and the demand for infrastructure in Sri Lanka with the other countries.

Network Infrastructure can be broadly defined as the physical facilities making up the public utilities through information is exchanged by the public. Provision of Network infrastructure is prerequisite for inducing investment and product ion by the private sector and for economic growth. The development of ICT infrastructure also plays an important role in improving social communication in general and in the equitable distribution of information among people and regions. In Sri Lanka, it is difficult to achieve a suitable allocation of resources in the public sector. The public investment is in practice exposed to political and bureaucratic inertial and pressure from society vested interests.

The Author intends to review the current status of the Network Infrastructure and compare and suggest additional requirements to improve the ICT infrastructure & efficiency. In comparison, his exposure to infrastructure development in Developed Asian countries is considered.