Virtual Internet Personal Computer (VIPC)

Tilan Ukwatta


The ability to access and process large volumes of data distributed over multiple sites on the Internet by using a variety of user communication devices such as mobile phones, PDAs or Laptops, is a contributing factor to the success of e-business. Due to the physical limitations of computer hardware it is logical to conclude that the resources and the processing power that a single CPU system can provide will reach a maximum in the near future. In this context new software architectures based on distributed computer systems must be explored to meet the future information demands. In this paper the concept of a “Virtual Internet Personal Computer (VIPC)” is proposed to exploit the existing computer systems and various user data communication devices to meet this future demand. The architecture presented in the paper is evaluated by developing a prototype system. This prototype system is implemented in Java as an application running on a dedicated Java virtual machine. Through the implemented prototype it has been able to demonstrate that the proposed architecture is possible to implement and achieves the intended objectives.