Generating Business Process specifications for e-Commerce Systems

Prasad M. Jayaweera, Paul Johannesson, Gihan N. Wikramanayake


When building e-commerce systems, two types of models are fundamental: business models and process models. A business model is concerned with value exchanges among business partners, while a process model focuses on operational and procedural aspects of business communication. Thus, a business model defines the what in an e-commerce system, while a process model defines the how.

A business model can be seen as more basic than a process model as it specifies the declarative aspects of an e-commerce system. In our work, we argue that it is possible to move from a business model to a process model. The theoretical foundations of our approach are based on the Language/Action approach and REA. We are using ebXML as a conceptual and notational framework and more specifically BPSS for process models and UN/CEFACT UMM for business models. In this paper we are proposing a methodology to generate business process specifications to design e-commerce systems.

Citation Info :

In Conference, Exhibition and Business Directory of 4th International Information Technology Conference, Infotel Lanka Society Colombo, Sri Lanka, 7-9 Oct 2002, pp. 38.