Team Discovery Pursuit: Creating Engaging Software Teams, Faster!

Madu Ratnayake, Chrishan de Mel


Time to market is becoming an increasingly important business driver for software product development companies. For many projects, pressure on rapid delivery means larger team sizes with shorter delivery cycles. This is made more challenging when the teams are formed with people who may not have even seen each other prior to the engagement and come together from different countries with different cultural and social backgrounds.

Teams change over time, emphasizing different goals, norms and roles as they develop. The traditional four-stage group development sequence includes: forming, storming, norming and performing. The typical time frame of a team getting into the performing stage varies based on the team composition.

Field experiments show that getting to the performing stage can be stimulated with carefully designed workouts. Team Discovery Pursuit (TDP), is a Virtusa training methodology developed by the authors to accelerate a team‟s development to the performing stage.