Software Construction: A Practical Approach

Thayaparan Praisoody


It is in the ‘software construction’ phase that software engineers craft the software into the real and tangible product. In today’s highly competitive environment, software construction needs to be practical and performed with the same rigor as architecture and design.

While there are several ways of constructing software, one needs to look at solutions that can automate pre-defined tasks. Automation is an effective way to accomplish tasks, which are well defined, proven and operational. So, what software engineers need is a practical implementation of software construction practice in the form of a toolbox.

A toolbox is a knowledge base that lists down all these software engineering techniques with tools that can be used in a particular situation. It should also give adequate information and training material to fast-start all engineers. This paper will map out the knowledge base for software construction and define its supporting techniques and motivate software engineers towards the discipline of automation.