Implementing a Mobile Presence Service for a GSM Network

G.A.K.P.R. Gunasekera, W.D.A.P. Botejue, R. Batuwita, N.S. Amaragunasekera


In the current era of converging technologies, being constantly connected is no longer an advantage but a necessity. For the persons on the move, connectivity comes through the mobile devices they carry on themselves – most commonly mobile phones. However, having a mobile phone on one’s self does not guarantee constant connectivity. It is quite common to find that a person’s mobile phone cannot be contacted due to various reasons, and much valuable time can be spent either retrying or trying alternative communication methods.

What is proposed is a system that will monitor the status (contactability) of a mobile phone and inform interested parties of its status. It would monitor the ‘presence’ of a person based on the status of his or her mobile phone.

We discuss our implementation, a functional prototype, which allows an interested party to request the system to monitor and inform when a certain mobile subscriber comes online. The prototype serves as a first step in the direction of a fully-fledged ‘mobile presence service’ and as a guideline to evaluate the commercial viability, technological feasibility and other social impacts such a service would have.