Learning Patterns: Towards the Personalization of E-Learning

Dr. K. P. Hewagamage and R. S. Lekamarachchi


E-learning through the web began as a service, by publishing some educational materials at websites. At the early stages, the learning process was carried out by browsing such a collection of educational materials and its effectiveness was based on the presentation of content in those materials. Customizing the presentation and interactivity of an e-learning application based on the users (which we call here personalization), should be done based on each learner’s knowledge and learning experience. A learning pattern, presented in this paper, is a metalevel piece of information that can be used to achieve low coupling personalization in an e-learning courseware. A learning pattern, which is modeled on different levels of abstraction, is constructed based on the interaction of a learner with relevant materials and it is depreciated when he/she stops accessing them. In this paper, we also present how a learning pattern can be used to identify the appropriate learning path in an e-learning courseware. A collection of learning patterns is used to describe one’s learning experience.