Framework for modelling of tacit knowledge -Case study using Ayurvedic domain

D.S. Kalana Mendis, Asoka S. Karunananda, U. Samarathunga


A research has been conducted develop a framework for tacit knowledge modelling, which is of great interest today. Here, we have considered domain of “Ayurvedic” medicine as a case study for domain with tacit knowledge. A questionnaire used to classify individuals in Ayurvedic has been studied and found that the classification is still vague, subjective and cannot be addressed using traditional technique like Principal Component (PC) analysis We have developed an approach to model such tacit knowledge using PC and Fuzzy Logic that has been linked with Expert system technology. PCA is the standard scientific approach finds any dependencies in a data set. Therefore first, we have used that technique.

This research work has produced a tacit knowledgemodelling framework, which is delivered as an added feature for an ordinary expert system shell.