IITC 2004

2nd International Conference on e-Governance (ICEG)
"From Policy to Reality"
6th International Information Technology Conference (IITC)
"From Research to Reality"
29 Nov - 01 Dec 2004
BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka


The International Conference in e-Governance was first held in India in 2003 and was inaugurated by H.E. the President of India. After a very successful conference, the organizing committee of ICEG2003 requested Mr. Lalith Weeratunge, Director, Re-Engineering Government of the ICT Agency (ICTA) to make suitable arrangements to hold ICEG2004 in Sri Lanka. Mr. Weeratunge then requested Prof. V.K.Samaranayake, the Chairman of IITC2004 and the then Director of the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), the organization that has managed IITC since 2001 to consider holding ICEG2004 in Colombo and manage it.
This request was considered by the IITC2004 organizing committee and it was agreed that ICEG2004 be held in parallel with IITC2004. e-Governance is of particular interest to Sri Lanka. On one hand, it is clear that one of the benefits of ICT which can reach the public at large is the deployment of e-Government service. On the other hand, the very ambitious e-Sri Lanka project has a major component in the area of Re-engineering government, a necessary re-requisite for successful implementation of e-Governance. e-Governance is not just an ICT enabled, efficient and effective public service with
enhanced revenue generation for the Government but also a way of providing better citizen services through the use of ICT. 

  The conference and workshops will focus on important problems and potential solutions in important research
areas of ICT such as

  • ICT infrastructure for e-society
  • National language technologies
  • Computational intelligence
  • Visual computing
  • High performance and cluster computing
  • Information system security, privacy and legal issues
  • Mobile communication technologies
  • Digital government
  • Societal applications of ICT
  • Electronic commerce and business applications
  • e-Learning
  • Bio-informatics and health information systems
  • Accessibility for the disable


  Submissions of full papers for presentations & publications should conform to the research paper format athttp://www.iitc.lk/paper-format.pdf. Workshop/tutorial proposals must conform to the workshop/tutorial guidelines at http://www.iitc.lk/workshop-guidelines.pdf.

Deadline for tutorials/workshops: 16th August 2004
Notification of acceptance: 27th September 2004

Deadline for the papers : 16th August 2004
Notification of acceptance: 27th September 2004
Camera ready copy: 29th October 2004

Papers should be sent by email to : papers@iitc.lk
Proposals for workshops should be sent by email to :workshops@iitc.lk

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Inaugural Session: 0900 - 1030

0900 Lighting of the Traditional Oil Lamp

National Anthem

0910 Address of Welcome - Prof. V.K.Samaranayake, Chairman, MOC, IITC/ICEG

0915 Inaugural Address - Chief Guest, Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse, Prime Minister

0930 Comments by Sir Arthur C. Clarke

0935 First day issue of the new postage stamp to mark ICT Week 2004 by the Hon D. M.

Jayaratne, Minister of Posts & Telecommunications

0940 Address by the Hon Minister of Posts & Telecommunications

0945 Remarks by Hon. Prof. Tissa Vitharana, Minister of Science & Technology

0950 Keynote Address : " The Tortoise and the Hare - Innovation Processes in Moving from Research to Reality " - Dr. Richard Fuchs, Director, ICT for Development, IDRC, Canada

1030 Refreshments

Session II: 1050-1230

  • Keynote Address : "Population Registration and other e- Services in Sweden" – Ingegerd Sterback, Swedish Population Registry
  • Keynote Address : "Collaboration for e-Learning in Asia" - Dr. Tashiro Shuich
  • Towards a Model e-Governance Acceptane - Ganesh P. Sahu, M. P. Gupta and Tapan Sahoo

Session III: 13.20-15.20

  • Keynote Address : e - Governance Political Will - Public Education and Outcomes in a Multiparty Democracy" – Dr. T. H. Chowdary
  • Keynote Address – "SCM, Traceability and RFID in the Future" - Takeuchi Kazumasa,
  • Implementing Enterprise resource Planning and its Relation to BPR with Special Reference to Sri Lanka - M. N. V. Fernando
  • Keynote Address: "The Emerging World of Sensor Networks " – Prof. Anura Jayasumana, Colorado State University, USA

Session IV: 15.40-17.10

  • Keynote Address : "Company Management and Country Development through Information Technology" - Suichiro Annan, CEO, Sri Lanka Telecom
  • Approaches to Model Inter Organisational Processes in e-Government Services - K. B. C. Saxena and Devendra K. Punia
  • ICT, Innovation and Economic Development: Risks of WTO's Regulations for the Growth of India's High Tech Habitats - Diego D. Navarra
  • Making People Partners in e-Governance - Rajesh Tiwari and Anurag Seetha


Session I: 9.00-10.40 Language Processing Techniques

  • An Information Theoretic Basis for the Sinhala Language - H. L. Premaratne and D. N. Ranasinghe
  • A Stochastic Part of Speech Tagger for Sinhala - Dulip Lakmal Herath and Ruvan Weerasinghe
  • Off Line Sinhala Handwriting Recognition with an Application to Postal City Name Recognition - M. L. M. Karunanayake, N. D. Kodikara, G. D. S. P. Wimalaratne
  • Isolated-Word Speech Recognition for Tamil Language using Hidden Markov Models – K.Yogendirakumar, Dr A. R. Weerasinghe and W. G. D. M. Wathugala
  • Music Score Recognition with Waves - Purnima Weliwitigoda, Ruvan Weerasingh and Dulan Wathugala

Tea 1040-1100

Session II: 11.00-12.10 Networking & Internet Technologies

  • An Insight into Current Agent Architecture that Restricts Agents from Adapting to Dynamic Environments - Kumari Wickramasinghe and Damminda Alahakoon
  • netSTAR - Integrated Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis System - E.G. I. P. Gamage, P.P.T. Lasantha, B.G. S. Sanjeew and , M..J. Walpola
  • A Market-Based Approach to Control Web Bandwidth Usage - Chamara Disanayake and Gihan Dias
  • Profile Based Video Segmentation System to Support e-Learning - S. C. Premaratne, D. D. Karunaratna, G. N. Wikramanayake, K. P. Hewagamage and G. K. A. Dias
  • Lunch 1210 – 1310

Session-III: 1310-1450 Secure Computing

  • Implementation Issues in Elliptic Curve Based Cryptosystem - E. Karthikeyan and P. Balasubramaniam
  • Management of a Global Security System - Jeffy Mwakalinga
  • Managing Digital Identities for Corporate Governance - D. P. Kothari and Anshu Saxena Arora

Tea: 1450 – 1510

Session IV: 1510 – 1650 Software Engineering &Processes

  • Realizing Software Development Process through Biological Systems - D. A. I. P. Fernando and A. S. Karunananda
  • A Method to Generate Test Cases for Performing Basis Path Testing - H. K. T. K. Wijayasiriwardhane, P. G. Wijayarathna and D. D. Karunarathna
  • Interface Restructuring: An Application of Agents in HCI Design - K.H. N. Sanjeewa and K. P. Hewagamage
  • Algorithm for Railway Track Scheduling Problem - S. D. Balaretnaraja and H. D. J. Mudugamuwa
  • Design of Web-Based Supply Chains for Government and Industry Rohit Baswan, Rashmi Jain , Bernard L. Menezes and Prashant Rajoria


Session I: 9.00-10.20 Image Processing Applications

  • Edge Enhancement of Digital Images Using Edge Profile Analysis - Dhinush Jayasuriya and N. D. Kodikara
  • On Image Classification: To Retrieve Images from Major WebSites - Lakshman Jayaratne, Athula Ginige and Zhuhan Jiang
  • Speaker Search and Indexing for Multimedia Databases - T. Silva, D. D. Karunaratna, G. N. Wikramanayake, K. P. Hewagamage and G. K. A. Dias

Tea 1020-1110

Session II: 10.40-12.20 Computational Intelligence

  • Universal Biometric System - H. M. N. Dilum Bandara, S. M. Ravindra, P. De Silva and P. W. H. Dasun Weerasinghe
  • Applications of the Growing Self Organizing Map on High Dimensional Data - Rasika Amarasiri, Damminda Alahakoon and Kate Smith
  • Predicting Ethnic Origin from DNA by Means of Neural Networks - Sudeepa Jayatilaka, Ruvan Weerasinghe and Neil Fernandopulle
  • Intelligent Gaming Techniques for Imperfect Information Games - Samisa Abeysinghe and Ajantha S. Atukorale
  • Automation of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Using Neural Networks - Roshan D. Yapa and Ajantha S. Atukorale

Lunch 1220-1320

Session III: 13.20-15.00 Web Services & Applications

  • Client-Transprent Fault-Tolerant System for SOAP-Based Web Services - R.. Wevagedara, S. Jayasena, K. A. T .A. Jayasekara, V. P. Jayarathne and J. A. I. D. Jayasinghe
  • Secure Zone: A Framework for WS – Secure Conversation and WS – Trust - Ruchith Fernando, Dimuthu Leelarathne and Malinda Kaushalye
  • Enterprise Web Services - Srinath Perera, Chathura Herath, Dasarath Weeratunga and Rajith Priyanga
  • Implementation of Ontology Based Business Registries to Support e-Commerce - Manjith Gunatilaka, G. N. Wikramanayake and D. D. Karunarathna.
  • Web-based Instructions for Learning Formal Deductive Proof in Geometry: Implications for Instructional Practices - Madduma Bandara Ekanayake, Mohan Chinnappan and Christine Brown

Tea 1500-1520

Session IV: 15.20-17.00 Hardware Applications

  • Developing a Safe and Generic IrDA Solution for External Devices - J. A. R. C. Jayasinghe and I. M. K. Fernando
  • USB Based High Speed Data Acquisition System for an Unmanned Weather Station - H. A. P. K. Hettiarchchi and I. M. K. Fernando
  • Computerized ECG Machine - Aruna Niresh, T.R. Ariyarathne, R. Lelwala and K. D. I. Wasudewa


Session I: 0900-1030

  • Keynote Address – "e-Sri Lanka, an Innovative and Integrated e-Development Plan for a Nation"- Manju Haththotuwa, CEO - ICTA
  • Keynote Address – "e- Sri Lanka and Re-Engineering Government"- Lalith Weeratunge, Secretary to Prime Minister, Government of Sri Lanka
  • A Case Study of e-Governance in Police Administration (India) - R. K. Mitra and M. P. Gupta
  • Digital Government – from Vision to the Reality of Strategy Implementation (New Zealand) - Mehdi Asgarkhani

Tea 1030-1050

Session-II: 1050-1230

  • Keynote Address - Information Architecture and its Importance to e-Governance Projects– Asheesh Khaneja, Oracle
  • ICT's e-Governance and Rural Development (India) - A Ghosh, K. Y. Nakray, S Singh
  • The Measurement of e-Government Readiness in Sri Lanka: Survey Perspectives - Devaka J. Punchihewa
  • Keynote Address - e-Provisioning to the Citizens – Wai Hong Sam, HP

Lunch 1230-1320

Session-III: 1320-1500

  • Keynote Address - "Open Source in Government" – Javed Tapia, REDHAT
  • Towards an e-Government - Issues in Developing Countries (Australia) - V. S. Venkatesan
  • e- Governance in an Indian State (Andra Pradesh) – Implementation, Experiences & Peoples Perception - T. H. Chowdary
  • Keynote Address - Stephen Braim, IBM

Tea 1500-1520

Session-IV: 1520-1700

  • e-Courts – Infusion of IT into the Justice Delivery System - Jitesh Shahani and Pankaj Jain
  • IT Enabled Judicial Administration (India) - Nazia Abidi
  • Keynote Address - e-Government: an implementation challenge! – Dr. Nagy Hanna, World Bank
  • Panel Discussion


Session-I: 0900-1020

  • Information Technology and its Role in Society – A Case Study of Two Southern States of India - Ch. Radhakumari
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of e-Governance – A Case Study - A. Koomar
  • Using e-Governance in Managing Institutional Network of the University - S. Joshi and Anurag Seetha
  • Application of Neural Prediction Models in Health Care - Vishnuprasad Nagadevara

Tea 1020-1040

Session-II: 1040-1220

  • Six Sigma for Quality in e-Governance – A Framework – D. N. Gupta
  • E - Government Investments - Firm Foundations & Productive Legacies
  • Open Source Workshop - Leveraging Open Source for Developing Nations - Venkatesh Hariharan

Lunch 1220-1320

Session-III: 1320-1520

  • e-Governance Workshop I Executive Level capacity Building for e-Governance – Jaijit Battachaya
  • e-Governance Workshop II
  • Improving Citizen Services through a Citizen Interaction Centre – Samic Roy

Tea 1520-1540

Session-IV: 1540-1640

  • e-Governance Workshop III
  • Budget Re-Engineering for Increased Return on Tax – Seshu Komaduri

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