Information Technology and its Role in the Society—A Case Study of Two Southern States of India

C. Radhakumari


In the fast changing competitive environment the mind set of citizens is changing equally fast. Citizens seek more convenience and freedom from cumbersome procedures. Under such scenario, decision-makers in government are incorporating Information and communication Technology, to meet the aspirations of the citizens with regard to service delivery. This has resulted in IT revolution leading to governance revolution giving birth to Electronic governance.

Various governments are searching for different ways to bring about effective electronic governance by investing huge sums of money in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Governments are Incorporating ICT in governance for delivering government services to the convenience and comfort of citizens. A field study was conducted during June 2004 in two Southern States of India i.e. Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, for making a comparative study of two models of e-governance under implementation. For the purpose of the study, the State Capitals and one district each of comparable nature were selected. The results of the study highlighted that incorporation of Information Technology in governance has contributed to the transformation of government from the one which was’ procedure and power centered1 to’ citizen & service centered’ one.