ICT, Innovation and Economic Development: Risks of WTO’s Regulations for the Growth of India’s High-Tech Habitats

D. D. Navarra


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become central to promote innovation and technology programs at the national level as well as new economic opportunities for the creation innovative service and industrial activities in Less Developed Countries (LDCs) such as the High-Tech Habitat of Bangalore. This paper will focus on the risk of emerging set of rights and obligations at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), governing ICT innovation in trade and intellectual property. It is argued that WTO’s regulations will greatly impact the future possibilities of the country to nurture and consolidate its own ICT industries. The novelty of the topic at hand leads us to define and consolidate a theoretical framework crossing the disciplines of ICT and Development to evaluate the impact of India’s innovation and technology programs in relation to the regulatory measures advanced by the WTO.