Suchna Mitra: Making People Partners in E-Governance

R. Tiwari, Anurag Seetha


AISECT, the All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology is a leading I.T. promotion network of the country, working in 29 states of India for over eighteen years. It has set up over 4000 multipurpose IT centres during this period, which take up training, servicing and info-services at various levels. Considering the need for involving people in e-governance efforts AISECT developed Suchna Mitra software which has been presented in this paper. In the background is the Kotmi Sonar experiment and the Suvidha project conducted by AISECT, which formed the basis for Suchna Mitra design. "Suchna Mitra" has been developed to cater to the need of the common man of the country. This software is atpresent being used in three districts of M.P., one in Rajasthan, and one in Jharkhand.