Mobile Identity Management (mID): A Solution to Management Crisis



Identity Management is the creation, management and use of online, or digital, identities. Millions of people around the world now use the Internet daily at home and at work, facing a multiplicity of corporate applications and e-business interfaces. Many such applications and interfaces require a unique user name and as a result, an individual typically possesses not one but several digital identities. Identity Management is hence, about being able to manage the full life cycle of a digital identity from creation and maintenance to termination, as well as enforce organizational policies regarding access to electronic resources. The importance of identity management for building trust relationships and the next generation e- and m-business services is becoming all the more evident with the proliferation of ubiquitous, pervasive and mobile computing systems, all of which require advanced, automated identity management systems for their effective and efficient operation. Indeed, growth of Internet commerce (both wired and wireless) has been hindered by the lack of trust between consumers and service providers. In this paper, we discuss the implications of Mobile Identity Management for the mobile business value chain. The importance of Mobile Identity Management (mID) is highlighted in the emerging field of ubiquitous computing along with its effect on market dynamics.