A Method to Generate Test Cases for Performing Basis Path Testing

Wijayasiriwardhane, H. K. T. K, Wijayarathna, P. G, Karunarathna, D. D


Typically the programs written for academic purposes are not up to a satisfactory level of quality due to the lack of testing exercised. Although the Basis Path Testing can be suitably practiced for their unit testing, a major issue the tester experiences in program unit testing is how to determine test cases. The tester has to ensure that there are enough test cases to uphold the thoroughness of the testing process, but not many that all the limited testing resources are used up. In most cases, when the program unit has a complex logical structure, test case generation becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, the usual practices such as use of dynamic program analyzers to guide the test case generation process are inadequate to address this problem. This paper presents a method, which explores a basis set of paths through a software module to be tested and generates sufficient test cases to exercise Basis Path Testing on an implementation of that module. The paper also outlines some limitations of this approach and provides some general ideas for further improvement.