The Universal Biometric System

H. M. N. Dilum Bandara, S. M. Ravindra P. De Silva, P. W. H. Dasun Weerasinghe


The Universal Biometric System is a biometric enabled third-party authentication system. It tries to address most of the major issues faced by current biometric industry. Mainly issues relating to integration of biometrics in an enterprise level network. This paper describes a system that hides all the complexity of biometrics and provides biometric technology, vendor and platform independent authentication. It also introduces two novel ideas: many-to-many mapping to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while Device-Hierarchy enforces in-depth security. It achieves biometric vendor, technology and platform independence through the BioAPI specification (the Defacto standard for Biometrics). However the system sets its sights far beyond the BioAPI. It is designed to provide a simple development environment that does not require complex data structures, pointers and memory management inherent to the BioAPI. This is a Proof of Concept effort.