Client-Transparent Fault-Tolerant System for SOAP-based Web Services

Wevagedara. R, Jayasena V.S.D, Jayasekara K.A.T.A, Jayarathne V.P, Jayasinghe J.A.I.D


This paper describes a new scheme for providing client-transparent fault-tolerance for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based web services. We have designed our scheme in the context of a distributed object system called FAWS, a portable fault-tolerant system that guarantees the full availability of SOAP-based web services while existing fault-tolerant systems for web services do not provide fault-tolerance for transparent handling of requests whose processing was in progress when the failure occurred. FAWS provides a clienttransparent mechanism for providing fault-tolerance in such events. FAWS consists of a FT-Admin, FT-Monitor, FT-Front, FT-Detector and a primary server with redundant secondary servers and uses message logging. The unique features it has, overcome some drawbacks of the existing implementations. FAWS has the potential to be a powerful tool for e-business critical web services due to its ability to guarantee full availability of service in the presence of failures.