SecureZone: A Framework for WS – Secure Conversation and WS – Trust

Ruchith Fernando, Dimuthu Leelarathne, Malinda Kaushalye


“SecureZone” stands one step ahead of the existing technology available for web services security. It implements an area in “web services security” that is currently undergoing research. SecureZone has been accepted by the Apache Foundation, as a sub-project under the “wss4j”-Web Service Security for Java project. Therefore it has become the only widely known open-source implementation available that confirms to WS-Secure Conversation specification. It is expected that SecureZone would provide researchers an opportunity to evaluate and improve the WS-Secure Conversation and WS-Trust specifications. Since SecureZone demonstrates the role of WS-Trust in WS-Secure Conversation it will also be invaluable for studies carried out for resolving interoperability issues between the specifications. There is no other platform independent implementation available for WS-Secure Conversation, and the web service community is expected benefit greatly from the attempt.