Implementation of Ontology Based Business Registries to Support e-Commerce

Manjith Gunatilaka, Gihan Wikramanayake, Damitha Karunaratna


The Business Registries are one of the key elements in the Business to Business (B2B) transaction process in e-Commerce. It acts as knowledge centers by offering services to different business parties to collaborate their business processes in an effective manner. Currently it is challenging to extract accurate information needed by a business party who is querying a registry on a particular industrial domain due to its inability to store business specific domain information effectively. In this research paper we show how we improved the storage of a business domain specific knowledge by utilizing the implementation of Ontologies. For this we have selected “IT Outsource” as our reference implementation Ontology, which helps IT companies engaged in outsourcing business to setup their business repositories in an effective manner. Once Ontology is represented in the Business Registry, business parties could to automate their search process by using Ontology based querying and automating Agent based search.