USB Based High Speed Data Acquisition System for an Unmanned Weather Station

H.A.P.K Hettiarchchi, I.M.K. Fernando


USB based data acquisition system has been developed to interface an unmanned weather station to a PC. System consists of a high speed flash microcontroller and a USB interfacing module. Various sensors and equipments of the unmanned weather stations are connected to the microcontroller. It sends collected data to the computer via the USB interfacing module. The USB interfacing module fulfils all the hardware requirements of the USB interface. The system completes with application software at the computer end which displays, logs and generates reports of collected weather data. The system has been designed as a generic high speed data acquisition system which can be easily extended or converted to a completely different application by altering only the firmware and software. Throughout the project the best possible data acquisition techniques and programming techniques have been adopted. The result is a data acquisition system which not only acquires data, but does it in a highly optimized manner.