Computerized ECG Machine

R.A.D. Aruna Niresh, T.R. Ariyarathne, R. Lelwala, K.D.I Wasudewa


Main purpose of the research work is to construct a low cost, computer based ECG Machine to be used in ordinary dispensaries Generation of electrocardiogram is done by capturing lead signals through parallel port of the computer. The Computer ECG Machine (CEM) signal detector circuit consists of an instrumentation amplifier, summing amplifiers, Low-pass filter and a lead selector. Microcontroller module has been use to interface the computer and the CEM. The software package developed using MATLAB 5.3 to provide user interface control to the CEM is named as ECGPro. Main task of the software package is to construct standard ECG signal in order to print on a paper and/or display on screen with the grid for visual observation by doctor and to supply digitized signal for computer based DSP analysis, for diagnosis. Implementation of filters and communication with parallel port are also included in the package.