netSTAR - Integrated Network monitoring and Traffic Analysis System

Gamage EGIP, Lasantha PPT, Sajeewa BGS, Walpola MJ


This paper presents the design and implementation of netSTAR, which is an application that facilitates Network Traffic Analysis and Network Monitoring. In Network Traffic Analysis, netSTAR does the monitoring of traffic flows by collecting traffic data from different network points using the RTFM (Real Time Flow Measurement) and also fits into the ISO network management framework as a performance and fault management system. In Network Management, netSTAR does the resource monitoring and also the monitoring of systems and services which again fits netSTAR to the ISO network management framework. The feasibility of the application is demonstrated by configuring a Linux router based test bed and using several web, mail, ssh servers with clients accessing these services. The paper also addresses the limitations and future work possible for the system.

Citation Info :

In Conference Proceedings - 6th International Information Technology Conference on From Research to Reality, Infotel Lanka Society Colombo, Sri Lanka, 29 Nov- 01 Dec 2004, pp. 56-66, ISBN 955-8974-01-3.