IITC 2006

8th International Information Technology Conference on
Innovations for a Knowledge Economy
12th-13th October 2006
BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The International Information Technology Conference was launched in 1998 as an event connected with the declaration of 1998 as the Year of IT by the Government of Sri Lanka. It has been successfully held every year since then.

IITC 2006 seeks to bring together international researchers to present papers and generate discussions on current research and development in all aspects of IT. Special emphasis will be made on aspects of IT relating to national development through several keynote addresses. The pre conference workshops will focus on important problems and possible solutions relating to the use of IT.
8th IITC was held on 12th and 13th October 2006 at BMICH followed by post conference workshops on 14th and 15th. Several Keynote Speakers delivered by reputed IT professionals from all parts of the world. Prior to IITC, SEARCC 2006 Conference was held at the same venue on 10th and 11th October.
All papers were peer reviewed and accepted papers appeared in the Conference Proceedings.
The International Information Technology Conference was first held in 1998 as a key event connected with the declaration of 1998 as the Year of IT. Its success in 1998 led to its continuation as an extremely successful annual event. 
This year the 8th International IT Conference (IITC2006) will be held from 12th September -  13th September 2006 at Hotel Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In addition to the main conference, there would be pre-conference workshops on the 9th , 10th and 11th  of September. 
This year IITC2006 will be part of an ICT week with the SEARCC Conference (13th -  15th)  and Infotel Lanka Exhibition ( 13th to 17th) being the other important events of the week. The Theme for these events is  Value Creation in the Modern Economy 
IITC06 seeks to bring together international researchers to present papers and generate discussions on current research in all aspects of ICT and in particular work that would and benefit society as a whole. The conference and workshops will focus on important problems and potential solutions in important research areas of ICT such as: 
  • ICT infrastructures for e-society
  • National language technologies
  • Computational intelligent
  • Visual computing
  • High performance and cluster computing
  • Information system security, privacy and legal issues 
  • Mobile communication technologies
  • Digital government
  • Societal applications of ICT
  • Electronic commerce and business applications
  • e-learning
  • Bio-informatics and health information systems 
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • IT enabled services
  • Open source software development
Research papers and proposals for workshops (one day) however are not restricted to the above areas. Research papers and proposals for workshops from cross-disciplinary areas are welcomed. Proceedings from the conference will be made available to all registered participants and on sale for outside parties. This is an excellent opportunity for researchers to present their research and keep abreast of emerging issues relating ICT. 
For more information please look at the conference web site: www.iitc.lk, which will be periodically updated.
Submissions of full papers for presentations & publications should confirm to the research paper format at http://www.iitc.lk/paper-format.pdf.
Workshop/tutorial proposals must conform to the workshop/tutorial guidelines at http://www.iitc.lk/workshop-guidelines.pdf. Authors may wish to refer last year's program at www.iitc.lk/iitc2005/
Deadline for paper manuscripts and workshop proposals:  23rd June 2006 
Notification of acceptance: 28th July 2006
Deadline for submission of Camera ready electronic paper: 15th August 2006
Papers should be sent by email to: papers@...
Proposals for workshops should be sent by email to : workshops@...
Organized by Infotel Lanka Society Colombo
Managed by UCSC
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Thursday 12th October 2006

Session I: 09.00 – 10.45

09.00 - Lighting the Traditional Oil Lamp, National Anthem

09.05 - Keynote Address: Triple Play Enabled Home Networking Priyantha Undugodage SLT

Theme 1 - Language Processing and Human Computer Interaction

09.35 - Keynote Address Speaker sponsored by Intel

10.05 - On-line Sinhala Handwritten Character Recognition on Handheld Devices M.H.P. Ranmuthugala, G.D.N.C. Pathiragoda, K.M.J. Karunaratne, S.H.C. Jayasundara ,Gihan Dias, A.S. Karunananda

10.25 - A KNN based Algorithm for Printed Sinhala Character Recognition A.R. Weerasinghe, D.L. Herath, N.P.K. Medagoda

Session II: 11.05 – 12.35

11.05 - Keynote Address Emerging Technologies, Sumit Kumar, U.S Robotics sponsored by PC House

Theme 2 - Web Services and Internet Applications

11.35 - Improving Your Web Services Thorough Semantic Web Techniques J.P. Liyanage, G.N. Wikramanayake

11.55 - Connectivity Models : A New Approach to Modeling Contacts in Opportunistic Networks Thabotharan Kathiravelu, Arnold Peras, Nalin Ranasinghe

12.15 - Axis2-DM: A Distributed Management System for Axis2 Web Services Engine Chathura C. Ekanayake, Mahesh De Silva, Gayan Gamage

12.35 - Querying Mediated Web Services Manivasakan Sabesan, Tore Risch, Gihan Wikramanayake

Session III: 13.40 – 15.30

13.40 - Keynote Address: Sensor Network and Its Applications to National Security Leif Axelsson, Volvo Technology Corporation

Theme 3 - Applications of ICT and Management

14.10 - A study of attitudes towards telecommuting of Sri Lankan information technology sector employees Kennedy D. Gunawardana

14.30 - E-government implementation in Sri Lanka: lessons from the UK Asoka Kurunananda, Vishanth Weerakkody

14.50 - Attitude Towards Privacy Amongst Young International Academics R. Dayarathna, L. Yngström

15.10 - "Soft Votes": Electronic Voting System for Sri Lanka H.U.J.S. Ariyarathne, T.M.P. Peiris. , R.M.C. Rathnayake, S.M.B.S. Semasinghe, C.R.De Silva

Session IV: 15.45 – 17.25

Theme 4 – e-Learning

15.45 - Emotion-based Affective Cognitive Architecture for Meditative E-Learning H. Ekanayake, D.D. Karunarathna, K.P. Hewagamage

16.05 - The Pedagogical Structure-based Therapy Simulation System for Develop Child Emotional Expressions Ajith P. Madurapperuma, P. Ravindra de Silva, Ashu Marasinghe, Stephen G. Lmbacher, Minetada Osano

16.25 - Distant Learning Initiatives in Sri Lanka with specific reference to ICT based learning – Issues and Strategies D. Attygalle, G. Gamage, U. Jayasinghe, V. K. Samaranayake, S.P. Wimalaratne

16.45 - Hardware and Software Technologies for the Development of Multimedia Instructional Modules Nanda Ganesan, K.P. Hewagamage

17.05 - An unsupervised approach to substructure discovery for learning from structured data Thashmee Karunaratne, Henrick Bostrom

Poster Papers 12th October 2006

1) - Seamlessly Securing Web Services Using Policies Mifla Mashood, Gihan Wikramanayake

2) - Towards Effective Learning Management Systems with Learner Oriented Ontology of Metadata S.R. Heiyanthuduwage, D.D. Karunaratne

3) - Dynamic Composition of Semantic Web Services O.W.H. Kumanayaka, D.N. Ranasinghe

4) - Anonymous Communication on Internet "Onion Routine" and Other Techniques Sachini Weerawardhana

5) - Automatic Melody Composition For Sinhala Lyrics Sudeepa Jayatilaka, Hemachandi Kariyawasam

Friday 13th October 2006

Session V: 9.00 – 10.30

09.00 - Keynote Address: Sensor Networks – State of the Art, Prof. Anura Jayasumana Colarado State University, USA Theme 5 - Robotics, Image Processing and Graphics

09.30 - Giving Robots a Sense of Feeling in Human Interaction in Ubiquitous Environment Janaka Chaminda Balasuriya, Chandrajith Ashuboda Marasinghe, Keigo Watanabe and Minitada Osano

09. 50 - Edge Sensitive Frequency Domain Watermarking Achintya Singhal, Navita Srivastava, Rakesh Mishra

10.10 - An Autonomous Robot for Controlling Fire in a Structured Environment M.L.E. Fernando, H. Ekanayake, D.N. Ranasinghe

Session VI: 11.00 – 12.50

11.00 - Keynote Address: Amit Bhoraskar, RedHat

Theme 6- Secure Computing

11.30 - Security Mechanisms in Grid Computing Mahen Jayawardena, Severker Holmgren

11. 50 - SOW : Secure Open Webmail Milinda Ahan Tissera, Kasun de Zoysa

12.10 - TCP : Trusted Cheque Protocol Seshika Fernando, Kasun de Zoysa

12.30 - A Deterministic Profiling Approach to Support Behaviour Anomaly Detection H.R.M. Fernando, V.S. Gamini Abhaya

Session VII: 13.35 – 15.45

13.35 - Keynote Address: Sri Lanka – A Centre of Excellence for Product Development Outsourcing Shanil Fernando, Virtusa

Theme 7 - Software Processes, Algorithms and Parallel Computing

14.05 - Reasons for Software Implementation Failures in Sri Lankan Organizations P.P.G. Dinesh Asanka, Sanath Jayasena

14.25 - Automatic Music Composition with AMCTIES Nuwan I. Senaratna

14.45 - Impact of Processor Architectural Features on the Performance of Software Paradigms R. Weerasuriya, D.N. Ranasinghe

15.05 - Parallelisation of Backpropagation Neural Networks on a Grid Environment Ramith Jayasinghe, D.N. Ranasinghe, K.P.M.K. Silva

15.25 - Investigating the Creation of a Complementary Paradigm for Survivable Systems based on Systemic-Holistic Paradigm and Immune System Jeffy Mwakalinga, Louise Yngström

Session VIII: 16.15 – 17.35

16.15 - Keynote Address: Building Intelligent Information Infrastructure Ajaz Munasiff, EMC

Theme 8 - Intelligent Systems

16.45 - A Prototype Fuzzy Logic Based Diagnostic Expert System for Respiratory Symptoms S.R.Liyanage, K.S.Walgama, C.D.A.Gunasekara, I.P.M.Wickramasinghe

16.55 - Tacit Knowledge modeling in Intelligent Hybrid systems:Widening scope of Information Engineering D.S. Kalana Mendis, Asoka S. Karunananda, U. Samarathunga

17. 15 - Data Mining Marriage Proposals using Self-Organising Feature Maps J.L.A.I. Liyanaarachchi, D.N. Ranasinghe, H.L. Premaratne

Poster Papers 13th October 2006

1) Affective Psychological Password for Computer Security H. Ekanayake, R. Dayarathna

2) An Extensible Image Processing Application for Analyzing Properties of Microscopic Images of Metals W.N.T. Dharmadasa, G.S. Mudalige , R. Nimalaratne, M.I.D. Wijeyaratne, C.R. De Silva, N. Munasinghe

3) Feasibility of Using Digital Image Processing in the Assessment of Cytology Smears U.A.J. Pinidiyarachchi, P.M.K. Alahakoon, N.V.I. Ranatunge

4) Dhanurrdha: Online Synchronized multimedia deployer for LearnOrg Linux version H.M.W.P. Herath, W.M.R.P. Wijesooriya, S.J. Raveendra, W.H.C.L. Kumara,Shantha Fernando, Koneshwaren Sarawanamutthu

5) Process Patterns for Business Process Design Ananda Edirisuriya, Prasad Jayaweera, Gihan Wikramanayake

6) A performance evaluation of connected component labeling algorithms on grayscale digital mammograms using MATLAB Rohan Dharshana Yapa, Koichi Harada

7) An Approach to Manipulate Qualitative Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Relations to Learn Rules from a Visual Scene D.D.M. Ranasingh, A.S. Karunananda

14th October 2006

WS1: Security Products:Should I buy a black box or get an open one for free?

WS2: Computer Networks: - Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Management and Maintenance in real world!

WS4: Sensor Network and Its Applications to National Security

15th October 2006

WS3: e-Learning Experience: Value Added Learning through Instructional and Interactive Design

WS5: IPv6 Technical Overview, Operation and Transition

Main Organizing Committee

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