Poster Paper: Seamlessly Securing Web Services Using Policies

Mifla Mashood, Gihan Wikramanayake


As Web Services begin to dominate the market of distributed computing, securing the pipelines from intruders is becoming a mission, which cannot be considered as trivial anymore. In today’s highly competitive world, businesses adopt web services due to its very attractive features like platform independency, unprecedented support from major vendors, ability of seamlessly interfacing with legacy systems, use of standardized protocols (SOAP, XML, UDDI, WSDL etc…) etc…As a result they unsuspectingly expose themselves into a zone filled with security loop holes which can pose a great threat to confidential data which might be travelling through the channels using these services.

This paper intends to propose a comprehensive security solution for securing web services through the use of policies, which can be easily incorporated into the existing infrastructures with minimum cost and effort on the part of the developers and businesses

Citation Info :

In Conference Proceedings - 8th International Information Technology Conference on Innovations for a Knowledge Economy, Infotel Lanka Society Colombo, Sri Lanka, 12-13 Oct 2006, pp. 244, ISBN 955-8974-04-8.