Automated Pothole Detection System

Girisha D. De Silva, Ravin S. Perera, Nayanajith M. Laxman


Most developing countries in the world have pothole-filled roads mainly because they are unable to allocate adequate funds for road maintenance. Absence of effective systems to monitor road surfaces also contributes to this otherwise preventable situation. A road-surface-monitoring system, which helps to detect the damages to the surface before it gets worse, can bring down the cost of road maintenance significantly. However, most government-funded road authorities in the developing countries are unable to afford such expensive systems. We have come up with a low-cost, road-surface-monitoring method, which employs acceleration sensors mounted on public transport buses, as a viable solution to this problem. According to this method, the sensors record vertical and horizontal accelerations experienced by the vehicle on its route while a GPS device separately logs its corresponding GPS coordinates. The collected data can be then processed to locate potholes along the path traversed earlier by the vehicle. In this paper, we present a technique to analyze and process the acceleration data obtained from the sensors to achieve the aforementioned objective with a reasonable accuracy.