An Intelligent Recognition System for Sri Lankan Currency Notes

D.A.K.S. Gunaratna, N.D. Kodikara, and H.L. Premaratne


Automatic currency note recognition has been researched in many countries around the world in recent past with the advancement of new technologies. Even though many researchers have tried to come up with a universal solution for this area of research it always tend to depend on a country's currency note characteristics and the success of the identification depends mainly on the extraction of features. Hence a generalized system is not applicable in every situation. Sri Lanka has not been involved in any kind of research or implementation of this kind yet and it has become a necessity for the country to start looking for an improvement. Therefore the whole purpose of this research is to introduce a customized and well designed way of entering into the domain. The research is expected to have good results by conducting excessive experiments before coming to the conclusion and one of its primary goals are to overcome the ability to recognize badly damaged currency notes in circulation within Sri Lankan community. The scope is to reduce false rejection and not to consider false acceptance which is another area of research.