Role Based Competency Modeling for eLearning Content Development

Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran, Shantha Fernando


e-Learning is becoming a prominent way of sharing knowledge in education. In this sharing, the knowledge is exchanged in the form of e-Learning content. These learning contents should be self explanatory and should guide learners in appropriate way as teachers do in real environment. However, learning content development is not a straight forward and easy task. There are various types of competencies needed in the content preparation process. A user who involves in content development may not have all the competencies required. Therefore the learning content development happens mostly as a team work. Also members in the team may have roles according to their competencies. There are many content authoring tools available but currently none of them addresses the competency requirement in a holistic manner, and none of them provides a way to handle competencies. Moreover, the competency is not clearly defined yet in the e-Learning content development context. The aim of this research is to propose a way to model and share role based competency information in e-learning content development systems.