Cellular Intercom

B.M.D.Prasad Bandara , J.T.Charith Gunasekara, Kelum. U.K. Welliwatta, W.A.I.Maduranga Wickramasinghe, Ajith Pasqual, Dileeka Dias


The Cellular Intercom enables users to make voice calls among themselves within a local area, using Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. It is an enterprise solution which enables people to use their mobile phones as a wireless intercom or PABX within their office premises. Conventional PABX or intercom systems provide terminals to the office desks of employees. If a person is not at his/her desk, he/she is unreachable. The Cellular Intercom is an attractive alternative for such environments, providing flexibility, ease of use and mobility within the office premises. The system consists of a central server, a set of Voice Access Points mounted at appropriate locations within the office premises and a mobile phone application. The system also provides SMS, Voice Mail and File Transfer among users, which are not available in conventional systems. Value added features such as caller identification, address book, user status display, ringing tones etc. are also available.