Channel Request Broker Architecture for Web Service Coordination

K.W. Samarasinghe, D.N. Ranasinghe


Service oriented Architecture is one of the widely used models in design of web services for process interaction. It guides different application in different platforms to interact with each other in the form of standard protocols. Web service composition is one of the important aspects in SOA. Composed service provides a collective task which has been independently done in pieces by a group of services. This gives rise to web services composition models based on many aspects of business. BPEL like standardized composition models provides such composition based on the business process flow. Many other formal models have also been devised, which have the power of formal analysis and reasoning. Channels is one such formal model for distributed component coordination. Thus it lays the foundation for web service composition based on this notion of channels. Channel manipulation for web service coordination will be done by an intermediary party. In this work we propose the concept of channel brokering for the web service composition. It provides simple constructs which are used in service composition and more complex service interactions.